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The Unique Struggles of the LGBTQ+ Community

The journey towards self-acceptance for LGBTQ+ individuals is often marked by societal and personal challenges, including discrimination, bullying, and internalized negative beliefs. These experiences can leave a deep emotional impact. At UNISON Rehab, we recognize these unique struggles and the historical bias in healthcare that continues to affect the health-seeking behavior of LGBTQ+ individuals. We are committed to breaking these barriers by providing a safe, open, and non-judgmental space where LGBTQ+ individuals can openly share their experiences, heal, and move towards a brighter, substance-free future without fear of bias or poor treatment.

Why Seek Specialized Treatment?

The LGBTQ+ community faces distinct stressors ranging from societal prejudices to personal identity challenges, often leading to feelings of isolation and increased risk of mental health issues. These challenges can escalate to substance abuse. At UNISON Rehab, our trained clinicians and medical team are deeply aware of these nuances and the importance of inclusiveness in healthcare. Our tailored approach ensures every LGBTQ+ individual is met with respect and receives specialized care within a supportive, inclusive community environment.

Addressing Comprehensive Health Needs

We understand the importance of addressing not just mental health and substance abuse but also the broader health needs of the LGBTQ+ community. Recognizing that our LGBTQ+ patients may have unique medical needs, such as those related to HIV or Hepatitis C, we are committed to establishing linkages to medical treatments and resources that UNISON Rehab does not directly provide, ensuring a comprehensive and holistic approach to health.


Common Disorders

Mental Health

Due to societal pressures and personal challenges, depression and anxiety rates are higher in the LGBTQ+ community.

Substance Abuse

Emotional challenges, combined with societal prejudices, can lead LGBTQ+ individuals to rely on drugs and alcohol as coping mechanisms.

Dual Diagnosis

Many LGBTQ+ individuals face both substance abuse and mental health disorders, requiring an integrated treatment approach.

Trauma-Related Disorders

Discrimination, violence, or rejection can result in trauma-related disorders amongst LGBTQ+ individuals.

Get Ready to Get Started

Your gender identity is unique, and so are your challenges. That’s why we’ve designed programs that cater specifically to the needs of the LGBTQ+ community, ensuring that you’re not just another patient, but an individual deserving of specialized care and treatment. Embrace a journey tailored to your unique identity.

Our Programs

How We Treat Members of the LGBTQ+ Community?

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Inclusive Detox

A tailored detoxification program designed to address the unique needs of LGBTQ+ people, ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment for withdrawal.

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Inclusive Inpatient/Outpatient Rehab

All of our programs are designed with the LGBTQ+ community in mind, promoting inclusivity, understanding, and specialized care.

Holistic Healing

We go beyond treating just substance abuse by addressing the emotional and psychological challenges intrinsic to many LGBTQ+ experiences.

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Aftercare with a Focus

Our aftercare program is designed to cater to the distinct post-treatment needs of the LGBTQ+ community, ensuring sustained recovery and support.

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Why Choose Us?

Navigating the path to recovery is a deeply personal journey. UNISON Rehab stands out with an inclusive environment, specialized programs, full support and an all-encompassing approach that addresses both substance abuse and the underlying emotional challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we do offer addiction and mental health treatment for males and females who identify as heterosexual, straight, and cisgender, we also offer specialized services for those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, pansexual, allies, two-spirit, and +. Under the umbrella of queer includes anyone identifying as non-binary, gender fluid, genderqueer, or gender non conforming, as well as those questioning. + refers gender and sexual identities that letters and words cannot yet fully describe, and two-spirit, or 2S, are those who have both a male and female spirit, also known as a third gender.
Studies have shown that rates of drug and alcohol abuse disorders among the LGBTQ+ community are 20% to 30% higher than in the general population. This underscores the importance of specialized treatment programs that address the unique challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals.
UNISON Rehab focuses on identifying and overcoming the root causes of substance abuse, not just the symptoms. By understanding the specific challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community, such as social stigma and discrimination, UNISON Rehab tailors its treatment approaches to provide the most effective care.
At UNISON Rehab, a Personalized Recovery Plan for LGBTQ+ patients can integrate the following therapies; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Family Therapy, Psycho-Education Therapy, Psycho-Dynamic Therapy, Activity Therapy, Group Therapy, and EMDR/Trauma Therapy.
Yes, when you first enter treatment at UNISON Rehab, we prioritize your immediate well-being. We’ll coordinate the most effective and comfortable management of your withdrawal symptoms. This process involves a combination of medication, rest, and nutrition to ensure you’re completely taken care of.
The duration of treatment is tailored to the individual needs of each patient. While some may benefit from shorter programs spanning a few weeks, others might require a more extended approach that lasts several months. Factors influencing the length of treatment include the type and severity of the addiction, any co-occurring mental health disorders, and the patient’s progress during the recovery journey.
Our Personalized Recovery Plans are backed by our accredited clinical team with decades of experience in a safe and supportive environment. While no program can promise absolute success, our unwavering commitment is to your sobriety and overall well-being.