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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding your insurance benefits can be challenging. At UNISON Rehab Pride, we’re here to help.
Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Yes. Call us now at: (267) 440-7205 to reserve your spot and book an arrival date. If we are fully booked (which happens), we can put you next in line on our waiting list. Or, if you prefer, we can find an alternate facility for you to receive treatment. To avoid a delay in getting treatment, we encourage you to call us now.

Every insurance plan is different. While some may cover the full cost, others might cover a portion. We’ll help you understand your coverage and any associated costs.

At UNISON Rehab, we treat drug and alcohol addiction along with dual diagnosis conditions such as mental health related drug and alcohol addiction.

Dual diagnosis’ including, but not limited to; abuse and addiction, addiction and adhd, anxiety, bipolar disorder and addiction, catatonic schizophrenia and addiction, depression, neurodevelopmental disorders and addiction, ptsd and addiction, schizophrenia and addiction, trauma and addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction including, but not limited to; alcohol, baclofen, benzodiazepines, cocaine, dmt, gabapentin, gabapentin abuse treatment, heroin, k2, ketamine, kratom, lsd, marijuana, meloxicam, narcan, opiates vs opioids, opioids, seroquel, stimulants, tramadol addiction

UNISON Rehab exists to produce lasting results for adults wanting to overcome addiction in a safe, caring, and understanding environment. We’ll create a Personalized Recovery Plan for you tailored to your needs using a proven set of treatment therapies. Our accredited clinical team has decades of experience designing and providing the personalized treatments needed for long-term recovery. While no treatment program can guarantee 100% success, we assure you that we are 100% committed to your sobriety and your success.

Absolutely! Following HIPAA security standards, UNISON Rehab uses strict and well-defined procedures related to the privacy, confidentiality, and security of patient information. Our security measures include data encryption along with admin, technical, and physical safeguards.


We use the strongest encryption standard available AES-256, secure access controls, and 24/7 monitoring. We control who can enter the UNISON Rehab facility, and monitor security of computer workstations and devices to ensure our patients’ privacy.